stance (plural stances)

  1. The manner, posture, or pose in which one stands.
    The fencer"s stance showed he was ready to begin.
  2. One"s opinion or point of view.
    I don"t agree with your stance on gun control.

6 letters in word "stance": A C E N S T.

Anagrams of stance:

Words found within stance:

ace aces acne acnes act acts ae aesc an ance ane anes ant ante antes ants as at ate ates can cane canes cans canst cant cants case cast caste cat cate cates cats ceas cens cent cents cesta ea ean eans eas east eat eats en enact ens es est et eta etas etna etnas na nae nas nat nates nats ne neat neats nest net nets sac sae san sane sant sat sate scan scant scat sceat scena scent sea sean seat sec sect sen sena sent set seta st stane stean sten ta tace taces tae taes tan tane tans tas te tea teas ten tens tes